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Episode 23

Manifestation, with Brittany Welsh

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Does manifesting work? And how do you manifest based on reality and science? Brittany Welsh, from Manifesting with Britt, is today’s guest on the podcast. She’s a manifestation expert and uses science to explain how manifestation works and ways you can use it to its full potential. From manifesting weight loss to finding the right partner or making money, this interview covers it all.

Highlights: Is manifestation real? What is manifesting?

As you know from a previous episode on manifesting, I’m a bit of a doubter. So, when Brittany said she could shed some light on how to manifest the right way, without feeling like a complete dummy, I hopped on a call with her. I’m determined to get this manifesting thing right. What’s in this episode?

  • Manifesting is creating a reality. Much of the time, you’re either consciously or unconsciously manifesting.
  • You can’t just expect things to come to you. There are many different elements in play on to attract things to you and create a reality with the relationship of your dreams, the business of your dreams, or the health of your dreams.
  • Sometimes, a sign you think is from the universe isn’t. It’s just your wishful thinking.
  • High vibrational feelings vs. low vibrational feelings. What are they?
  • Abundance is out there.
  • Why people stay in their 9-to-5 jobs when there’s more out there for them.
  • Affirmations support manifesting. How to pick affirmations that feel right to you.
  • Why manifesting a $10,000 month or a house by the ocean may not work if you live pay check-to-pay check. What you can do to make it a reality.
  • Discovering that she was only a booty call helped Brittany realize she had to create (manifest) a relationship with a partner who actually wanted to be with her.
  • What is Brittany’s extra secret sauce?

What is manifesting?

According to Brittany, manifesting is simply creating a reality. You’re either consciously or unconsciously manifesting. There’s never a moment where you’re not manifesting. When we think about manifesting, the idea that comes to mind is the law of attraction. It’s tied in. The universe is so intricate. You can’t just expect things to come to you. There are many different elements in play on how you could attract something to you and create a reality with the relationship of your dreams, the business of your dreams, the health of your dreams.

How does manifesting work?

Let’s use a really basic analogy like removing a tree as an example. We can’t just manifest reality where the tree effectively disappears, but we could cut it down. That’s one way to manifest reality with a tree no longer there. You could manifest that you would go get the equipment and cut the tree down. Somebody who has a thought of, “I want to cut down this tree,” would take the action of getting the supplies and cutting down the tree. You have to see yourself doing the work

Start with Affirmations

Britt’s manifestations accelerated when she learned the science behind how she could persuade herself to have new beliefs. She trained her brain with affirmations. Then, it became much easier for her to listen to her affirmations more often because she had the belief.  

With affirmations, just start with baby steps, no matter where you’re starting from.

People often don’t understand how the affirmations come into play. For example, say you want to make more money but feel uncomfortable because it’s not your real belief. You’re not going to take action towards making more money. Says Britt, “You’re not the version of yourself that creates that reality.”

But when you believe that you earn x amount per month, and it feels good when you say it, then you take the action towards making that amount of money.

  • You raise your prices to a specific amount.
  • You know exactly how many clients you need
  • You know where the clients are.
  • You know how to help them.
  • You ask your boss for a raise.
  • You know your value

That’s what’s required for you to get the money. You believe that you’re getting the money, and you know how to get the money.

One of Britt’s relationship affirmations is that’s she’s above average. She’s high value. She’s gotten to the point where she believes in herself, and that’s reflective when she’s on dating apps.

Britt’s become the version of herself who takes care of herself and who is responsible for her own actions. She wants to meet a partner who does the same. You’ll never meet a partner who prioritizes health if you’re not somebody who prioritizes health.

Manifesting Love

Brittany had a psychic once tell her who her soulmate was. That psychic was wrong. After discovering that – to her “soulmate” – she was just a bootie call, she realized that she had no standard for what she wanted to create in her life. She would go on dates with people she wasn’t necessarily attracted to, thinking, “Oh, well, maybe they’re really nice.”

She finally learned that there’s a biological reason we have preferences for certain people, and that it’s our bodies signaling this is a good mate for us. She stopped feeling guilty about being particular with who she wanted as a partner, and decided she also had to elevate who she was herself.

Brittany uses the affirmation that not everybody’s a match. That way, she doesn’t attach to the next person she meets if they aren’t a good fit. Everything has a season, and the law of the universe says that everything comes in cycles.

Law of Attraction: high vibe or low vibration

When we talk about law of attraction, part of it is being in this high vibrational state of love, peace, and being content rather than the low vibe feelings of being depressed, frustrated, and angry. Britt says that you’ll notice you feel low vibrational feelings when you attach to something that doesn’t give you the result that you desire.

If you attach yourself to a potential business or a job that is supposed to bring you a lot of of money and you don’t get it, you have these low vibe feelings because you told your body that it was important for your survival. This can make you feel sad, scared, or fearful.

If you find what you need within yourself, you’ll feel more fulfilled. You don’t attach to one opportunity because you’re at peace knowing there’s plenty of opportunity around you and you’ve trained your brain to show you those opportunities. You are the powerful creator, and it opens up the world to whatever you want to create.

Quotes on manifestation from this episode:

You’re either consciously or unconsciously manifesting. There’s never a moment where you’re not manifesting.

We’re co-creating with the people around us and the things around us.

I lifted the veil to see what already was in abundance around me.

I don’t attach every opportunity because I’m at peace knowing there’s plenty of opportunity around me, and I’ve trained my brain to show me those opportunities.

I had to be the person who creates a new reality for myself. Do I want to be somebody who sees frogs? Or do I want to be somebody who believes someone’s their soulmate when they’re just a booty call?

We shouldn’t feel guilt for who we’re attracted to. That’s our biological body signalling that this is a good mate for us.

High vibe feelings are being at peace, joyful, content, loving. Low vibrational feelings are depressed, frustrated, angry

Not every single person you meet is not going to be your friend. You’re not going to be best friends. Who do we connect with? Who do we feel comfortable with?

Photo: Asheville, NC

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Brittany is a mother of two, marketing executive, and manifestation expert. She demystifies the process of manifesting to help people tap into their unlimited creating potential and manifest their ultimate reality.


Helen is an author, entrepreneur, certified personal trainer, and lifestyle coach. She lost over 80 pounds and kept it off for 16 years. She loves travel, chocolate, and cats.