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Meet Helen M. Ryan

Hey there.

Walking and Talking with Helen is an unscripted coached walk podcast created to help motivate you to keep walking, moving, growing - and creating new habits.

I’m the author of the books 21 Days to Change Your Body, the 21 Days Pocket Guide, and the upcoming Mad Musings of a Dieter.  I'm also an entrepreneur (running a digital marketing studio) and a chocolate-loving lifestyle coach.

Helen Ryan in front of street art graffiti.
Helen Ryan sitting at a restaurant prior to losing weight.

My weight loss journey

I struggled with being overweight much of my adult life. I kept gaining weight until I wore a size 20 (I’m 5 feet tall).

There was a hole inside of me that I stuffed with food. I believed that being “thin” would magically fix my life. (Spoiler: It didn’t.) I tried every restrictive diet, only making a few days before I fell off the diet wagon. (I don't do rules well.)

I was out of shape and couldn’t keep up with my kids. At one point, I was so obese that I could not fit into a ride at an amusement park.

Small steps, big results

After my father died from aggressive lung cancer, I started my accidental weight loss journey with walking. I ended up losing over 80 pounds in 10 months and have kept the weight off for 16 years.

Walking gave me strength. It inspired me to become a spinning instructor and a certified personal trainer. Walking helped me heal myself. Write my books. Start this podcast. It was the first step to regaining the self confidence I had lost.

Now I walk and talk with you, sharing what I’ve learned along the way. It's never to late to start living again, and becoming healthier.

Helen Ryan on a rooftop in Athens, Greece

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