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What people say

I want to thank you for your Walking and Talking podcasts / walking program. It's a lifesaver for me. Keep up the excellent work! You are so appreciated!

~ Brenda

Entertaining. Informative and funny! Really enjoy it! I love the combo of movement / meditation, knowledge and touches of humor. Great podcasting voice too!

~ V. Pugliese

Full of motivation! This is exactly what I’ve needed. Helen gives me a little butt-kicking on our walks, fills me with positive ideas, and helps me get my head on straight. I love it.

~ Susan K.

Helen Ryan walking in Norway

The Walking Podcast That Gets You Motivated

I’m Helen M. Ryan, the creator of Walking & Talking with Helen. Join me for a coached walk (or simply listen) to improve your quality of life, get healthier and become motivated to reach your goals. Every part of our lives is impacted by our health - positively or negatively.

Walking is a great overall health booster. It helps you:

  • Burn fat
  • Improve your mood
  • Get in better shape
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase confidence
  • Be more productive

You don't need any special equipment. Just your walking shoes (and if on uneven surfaces, maybe a walking stick).

PS You don't have to walk.