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Small steps, big results pt 2

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Small changes = kickass results when it comes to getting healthier, losing weight, or just improving your life.

Using small steps I was finally able to lose 80 pounds (while still eating chocolate).

This is part 2 from my LIVE workshops in my Facebook group called Small Changes = Kickass Results. (Catch the entire workshop in the group.]

(It’s not the best audio quality but the information is GOLDEN.)

My guest in this episode is KATE DORNAN. Kate uses movement throughout her day to stay healthy and keep the weight she lost off. Kate is a business coach, and the founder of the Female Entrepreneurs Thriving Together Facebook group. 

Photo: Chiang Mai, Thailand


Helen is an author, entrepreneur, certified personal trainer, and lifestyle coach. She lost over 80 pounds and kept it off for 16 years. She loves travel, chocolate, and cats.